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Having developed a breadth of experience in various sectors within a large leading UK Contractor, I’m delighted to now have the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in leading teams to deliver value to our clients.  We approach each and every project, no matter the size or scale, with a sense of pride and as a symbol of our success.

M: 07866 580504

T: 01202 691742

Martin Worth - CEO of Worth Corporation



I'm commited to adding and providing value... it's my number one thought and number one priority when approaching any piece of work and I will always discuss options that best suit the situation.

When it comes to execution of work then safety is paramount and we at Worth Corporation take this very seriously making sure we take all aspects of the job, the client and my staff in to consideration to maximize the value and professional finish whilst still working in the boundries of a safe enviroment.


My job is my passion and I would love to share that with you in any project, venture or ongoing concerns you have be it a one off piece of small work, a large scale build or an ongoing maintenance arrangment.


Let my passion fuel your passion.



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